We are a team of highly motivated engineers and business administrators with working backgrounds from industries like mining, manufacturing, oil and gas, and pharma.
We strongly advocate digital transformation and build solutions that help facilities autonomously gather data, generate insights and automate decision making by leveraging state of art IoT and AI technologies.
We build smart control systems that not only act as a data-collection pipeline but also, drive actions on the shop floor creating self resilient and self-adaptive systems. Our flagship products are cloud-connected access controls and fleet management, online OEE calculators, IoT Gateways, Smart Traffic management systems etc.

"Whatever you have to do right now, do it with absolute involvement.
Only then you will know the sweetness of being conscious."


We firmly believe in customer-centric product development. As a team, we are building solutions that transform the lives of people across many sectors, being compassionate towards customers' problems, helps us go an extra mile in delivering the right solution.
We are focused on the overall well being of all our stakeholders, all our people are mentored by industry experts, who will offer great guidance and transform your career by helping you work on cutting edge technologies. We promote health and wellness and encourage people to inculcate a healthy lifestyle and be fit and joyful.
Ownership of the work, responsibility without boundaries and innovation are highly valued and rewarded. We have a healthy work culture promoting collaboration and deep dive, you will always be part of key product decisions, your interests will be cherished and success is celebrated,

Working With Us


The future factory will behave as one single entity, with data flows & algorithms that automate decision making & optimise parameters to derive maximum productivity & safety. Our vision is to develop control systems that can autonomously capture data, indigenous & tactic information & AI that inherits this knowledge and continuous learning to improve decision-making.


To develop tools that bring visibility to the shop floor operations, machinery and people health. To play a key role in helping factories become compliant and derive the best value from the ongoing Industry 4.0 revolution. We enable factories to autonomously collect data & build AI powered decision making mechanisms and control systems to take real-time actions on the edge.

We conceptualise design and develop all the solutions in-house which gives an edge in providing the right solution to the problem you are looking to solve.
We are strong advocates of safety culture and deeply empathise with every employee who returns from the workplace with an injury. We work towards helping the organisations achieve the goal of zero harm.
When you dial to reach us you won't talk to a salesman but to a product engineer who has contributed to the development of the product and is well aware of the features and possibilities. They will help you find the right solution and take your suggestions for improving the product further.